Mac DJ

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    Mbarara, Uganda
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    Dancehall · Hip-Hop · Old School

Long long time ago.

Ainomugisha Mark AKA Mac DJ raised in  Katukuru-Mbarara, am an active deejay with energy & passion. Am  just  a great new talent in the  music industry and currently plays with so many DJs of 43Effect. It’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd but the choice of tunes that i play is what fits in with my style and not what is deemed the latest, greatest,biggest, blah blah by all the music stores. I love playing a full range of Dance-hall & Old school Music.

I’ve been a DJ since 2016 from the love of music equipment and DJ friends. the journey started from high school where i was an entertainment minister for a long time. I got on decks after one of my friend introduced me to the turntables.I instantly fell in love with them and have never looked back! I have no ego, am just a friendly easy going guy who wants to get the crowd dancing just as much as I do!.Am a graduate of Business administration.


Awesome dubstep

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