DJ Talique43

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    Mbarara, Uganda
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    Afro · Dancehall · Hip-Hop · Reggae · Rock

Long long time ago.

Born and raised in Rwanda, Talique Matovu AKA DJ Talique43 is superstar dj who spins innovative sounds and entertains music lovers. He is known for the great fusion of afro and dancehall music. This fussion has made him stand out and leave crowds daring more of his mixes. DJ Talique is the most sought after DJ for the most happening high profile events in Uganda.  His shows has seen him playing in places such as Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda

DJ Talique43 the creator of a variety of pulse pumping tracks and soothing harmonies. He started as a lover of music since childhood. I love MDD since i was young he says and in 2005 ibecame a school DJ in S.2.`He is currently the manager of 43 Effect and does event management.


Awesome dubstep

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