DJ Sean Davis

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    Mbarara, Uganda
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    Dancehall · Hip-Hop · Oldies · Reggae · RnB

Long long time ago.

Born on in Isingiro, Nkabahita Davis AKA DJ Sean Davis is one of the esteem DJ of today’s entertainment. Davis has been creative with his talent in all music genres to fit the right occasions for all his clients. His passion towards his work has always kept him notable DJ over many years. His aim is to obtain a position in the music industry by his knowledge and talent in which he can utilize his skills  and learn from the experts as he work’s his way towards his ultimate goal of producing mix-tapes and commercially released mixed CD’s.
My journey has really been dramatic, i started on mobile disco as an assistant DJ, the love for music is what drove me because it wasn’t for money at the beginning. After one an a half years on mobile disco, i gained the experience to drive me to bars and clubs. Around June 2015 i was recruited as an intern at Desert Lounge-Mbarara, this is when my profession triggered. Much of my guidance  was got from my fellow DJ Alberto43. Am currently a club and Event DJ under 43 Effect.


Awesome dubstep